Program Procedures

Program Procedures

Absenteeism Procedure

Active Supervision Plan

Active Supervision Policy

Active Supervision Transition Procedure

Allowability and Reasonableness of Costs

Behavior Management and Intervention Procedure

Changing Policies

Suspected Child Abuse or Neglect Report Information

Child Tracking Form Procedure

Community Partnership Agreement Procedure

Community Partnership Agreement Form

Confidentiality Statement and Procedure

Eligibility Selection Enrollment Practice and Procedure

Homeless Verification Statement

Priority Points Worksheet

45 CFR 1305 Training Procedure

Employee Attendance Procedure

Enrollment Application Procedure

Exclusion from School for Illness or Injury

Exit Procedure

Family Home Visits Conferences

Guidance for Allowability and Accountability of Travel Funds

Incontinence Toilet Training and Diapering Procedure

DLL Procedure

Diapering Log

Toileting Accident Incident Report

Immunization Procedure

In-Kind Contributions Procedure

Internal Communication Procedure

Monitoring Procedure

Obtaining Education or Transportation Substitutes

 Outdoor and Gymnasium Safety

Daily Playground Inspection

Child Care Weather Watch

 2020 Priority Points

Professional Development Plan Procedure

Program Information Report to the Board of Trustees

Program Planning Procedure

Program Planning Appendix A

Program Planning Appendix B

Recruitment Procedure

Referral to Child Support Enforcement Services

Revision of Budgets and Work Plans

Staff Travel Between Sites

Transfer Process and Transfer Request Form

Transition Plan and Procedure

Transportation Procedure

Transportation Guidelines

Transportation Safety Procedure

Transportation Log Procedure

Classroom Transportation Log

 Vehicle Accident Reporting Procedure

 Vehicle Use Guidelines